The Process

Getting Started

The winemaking process is simple you’ll end up with about 23 litres of wine in as little as 5 to 8 weeks. All for a price that will amaze you and a taste that will keep you coming back.

Once your selection is made it just takes a few minutes to sprinkle the yeast and start the Fermentation process. Over the next few weeks the experienced staff will handle all the in-between steps.



Your second visit will be to bottle, cork, seal and label your wine using equipment that is fast, fun and easy.

For your convenience, at the time of ordering, you can pre-book your appointment. Or you can have one of our friendly associates call you to book an appointment when your wine is ready to bottle. Already heard from one of our associates that your wine was ready but want to book it on your own? No worries.


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Aging Tips

Our experienced staff recommend following some of the tips below to help store and age your wine after bottling for the best results.

Temperature:The best temperature to store your wine is 12-15 degrees Celsius.

Storage: Store your bottles on their sides, this helps keep the corks moist.

Light: Keep the cellar dark when not in use and avoid florescent lights – they give off UV light that may be harmful to your wine.

Movement: If the bottles are moved this tends to disrupt sediment creating a haze in the wine.

Corks: Synthetic corks are best for long term storage anywhere between 1-5 years.  They stop problems such as leakage & random oxidation. Agglomerated corks are used for wines for up to 1 year of aging.

Humidity: A relative humidity of 5-70% will keep corks in a soft condition & keep air out.

Sulphite Level: If your wine is being aged for more than 6 months add an extra ¼ tsp to 23L of wine.  This will ensure the safety of your wine.



Once you’ve brought your wine home you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass with friends, family, or on your own!

The Finest Wine Shoppe offers the largest selection of wines in Bradford and takes pride in our ability to give you the best possible wine making experience,

If you’re happy with our services we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to Email or message us on our Facebook Page to share your wine making experience with us!


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